NOlympics LA Joins Dave Zirin's Edge of Sports Podcast

Journalist Molly Lambert and NOlympics LA organizer Anne Orchier joined the Nation’s Edge of Sports Podcast with Dave Zirin to talk about the forces behind the efforts to bring the Summer Olympics to Los Angeles and the movement to try to stop them.


"IOC decision should give people of Los Angeles another chance to see how much they want Games"

“Anti-Olympics group stages protest at LA 2024 presentation”

“More organizations join in opposition to L.A.'s 2024 Olympic bid”

“Political group launches campaign to oppose L.A.'s 2024 Olympic bid”


TYT Sports Interviews NOlympics LA

The Olympics bid for Los Angeles and Paris in 2024 is heating up and with an announcement coming in September on which city will host the 2024 Olympic Games, Jason Rubin sat down with NOlympicsLA. NOlympics is a movement that is out to educate Los Angeles about how the cost overrun is detrimental to the city and the funds that would be allocated are needed in many other areas around the city. This is why Boston’s residents voted heavily against having the Olympics and also why Los Angeles should not either.


"Keep The Olympics The Fuck Out Of Los Angeles"

As the anti-Olympics organization NOlympics notes, even under the rosiest of outcomes L.A. would still see a sharp exacerbation of economic inequality, a funneling of money that could be used for worthwhile projects into the pockets of a handful of rich bureaucrats (do not forget that the IOC is a clown show of corruption), and an undercooked, Olympics-centric transportation plan.


"Q&A: Should LA think twice about hosting the Olympics?"

Earlier today, a recommendation from the International Olympic Committee’s executive board made an LA Olympics in 2024 or 2028 a near certainty. But as the city’s bid gains momentum, a coalition of activist groups led by members of the Democratic Socialists of America has launched a campaign opposing the games. Curbed caught up with Anne Orchier, an organizing member of NOlympics LA to find out more about the movement. 


“Los Angeles Residents Start to Organize Against the Olympic Bid”

Following the disastrous planning and implementation of the Rio Summer Games, anti-Olympics activism has become as much a part of games as the running of the torch. From Boston to Budapest, from Hamburg to Toronto, residents in host countries have risen up and rejected the Olympic Games. Starting on Monday, May 8, there’s a new anti-Olympics group on the block: NOlympics LA.


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