On August 15, NOlympics LA and our coalition partners invited the LA Olympic bid committee and community members alike to discuss how an LA Olympics will exacerbate the many crises facing the city and divert resources from their potential solutions.

The Olympics is a truly international event — but not in a good way. Watch us break down how the Games have affected cities across the globe — from Mexico City in 1968 to Rio in 2016 — and celebrate the activists and organizers the IOC has inadvertently brought together.

When sports and capitalism intersect, the result is always exploitation, with most American athletes paid less than a living wage for their lifelong commitment. This is our salute to them.

The security for the 84 Games was, at the time, the largest imposed on a peacetime enterprise in the U.S., resulting in a blatantly militaristic police presence throughout LA.

Most people know almost nothing about the International Olympic Committee - or IOC - despite the fact that their decisions have the power to leave cities reeling for years after the Games end.

Let’s get to know them.

LA2024 and Eric Garcetti want to pretend like LA is all sunsets and movie stars soundtracked by Arcade Fire. It's not. We've got civic crises to spare, and hosting the Olympics will only exacerbate them.